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Preventative Maintenance

No one plans for their equipment to break down – getting back up and running is time consuming, expensive and stressful.

The best way to prevent unexpected shutdowns is to manage the health of your equipment and assets through a preventative maintenance program.

After 25 years of servicing HVAC and refrigeration equipment, we’ve implemented an industry-leading preventative maintenance program for many of our long-term clients.

By planning and executing a regular maintenance plan, we maintain and replace equipment on schedule and on budget. Properly maintaining your assets is the key to avoiding emergencies and costly repairs. This saves you time, money and major headaches!


1. Assessment
We’ll assess your existing equipment, build an inventory and a customized plan to manage the ongoing needs of every piece of equipment.

2. Equipment Maintenance Standards
ICOM will even provide maintenance standards documentation for all your equipment. This is helpful for your staff to understand what is needed to maintain equipment and for businesses to stay compliant with their operation manuals and standards.

3. Ongoing Maintenance
Don’t have time to worry about going on to the rooftop to change air filters on your equipment? No problem. We’ll show up and get it done when it needs to happen. Our ongoing maintenance will support all of your equipment every 3, 6 or 12 months

4. Just In Case
All of our preventative maintenance clients get priority access to repairs and service just in case anything goes wrong.


Problem:  After 6 months of equipment break-downs, a local well-established restaurant chain signed up for our maintenance program. Our technicians are fully responsible for maintaining their equipment, and the plan gives us time to manage it proactively.

Results:  The restaurant has been able to successfully maintain the cost of their operations. Without emergency repairs, they are maintaining and replacing equipment on a pre-set schedule.

Their investment is the same as it was before they were on the maintenance program, but now their money is going towards upgrading equipment and improving the value of their assets.

Staff are happier, and not wasting precious time trying to fix problems.

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