Preventative Maintenance I Replacements I Rebuilds

Servicing:  steam, hot water, atmospheric, power, condensing, near condensing, cast iron sectional, direct-fired, industrial.

What we do:

o Energy upgrades, Retrofits, replacements, and modernization
o Preventative Maintenance Plans
o Combustion Analysis
o Internal Inspections for ABSA
o Tube Replacement
o Refractory and Heat Exchanger Replacements
o Relief valve replacements
o Chemical water analysis
o Daily Inspections

How we work:
We meet with you to understand your goals and needs and together we build a plan that fits your budgets.

Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Essential Choice
Allow our factory-trained subject matter experts to work hand in hand with your maintenance staff keeping your systems within the proper operating parameters.

Premium Choice
We provide the boiler expertise, and it includes critical maintenance tasks. If desired they are available with regular scheduled internal inspections as stipulated by Alberta Boilers Safety Association

Complete Choice
Reduces your maintenance needs on your operation team and increases our accountability to you by inclusively covering the cost of all maintenance and repairs on one monthly invoice.

Magnum Opus
This program is a long -term plan where the value of maintenance and equipment energy upgrades cross. We work with you for a customized solution