ICOM in Action

After 25 years in business we have seen it all. Here are some company highlights.

5,000 pounds: The weight Alberta strongest man can lift. ICOM is a proud sponsor of Alberta’s Strongest Man/Woman Event every year.
143,578 km’s: The mileage we put on our corporate vehicles last year.
87%: The percentage of business we get from repeat clients!
Vanilla Dip: The staff’s favourite donut (yes, it has sprinkles)
1 – Number of Stanley Cups the Oilers have won since we started in business (we are still waiting for #2)
38% under budget: The cost one of our clients saved by taking our suggestion of installing well-maintained used equipment for a new restaurant.
4,258: Number of jobs we’ve visited over the last ten years (but who’s counting?)


We appreciate this opportunity to reflect on the performance of Icom Mechanical Solutions. We find the staff most efficient, courteous and a pleasure to conduct business with. Our heating, cooling and refrigeration needs are very well cared for while items requiring special attention are handled efficiently and without hesitation. The company succeeds beyond our expectations and has laid the foundation for an enduring relationship of trust and reliability. We applaud Mr. Kelly for his dedication and work ethic and ICOM Mechanical Solutions for their services and performance. — Sandra (Customer for 15 years)