Company Promise

Our Customer Relationships

When you are in the business of helping clients 24/7, your work day never really ends. We are proud to have built long-term, successful, and transparent relationships.

Our Company Promise

1. Accountability

We are accountable in every aspect of our job.  This means our tech’s carefully document each service call, even taking pictures of the equipment and document the issue and outcome.
We are proud to be completely transparent with our clients and are happy to provide this information to clients with their invoice.

2. Leadership

As a COR-certified business, everyone of our field staff respect and understand expectations to work safe every day. When you hire ICOM for a job, you can feel good that our professional staff arrive on time and ready to work in a safe and accountable manner.

3. Education

This is more than ensuring our staff are educated, but also helping educate our clients on their equipment. We do our best to pass along our knowledge to prevent ongoing problems from happening with their equipment.

4. Integrity

We’ve built a resilient and dynamic company that has stood the test of time, despite the ups and downs of the economy.

5. Innovation

Our industry-leading preventative maintenance program was developed in response to problems our clients were having.  We are dynamic and flexible to clients goals.


We appreciate this opportunity to reflect on the performance of Icom Mechanical Solutions. We find the staff most efficient, courteous and a pleasure to conduct business with. Our heating, cooling and refrigeration needs are very well cared for while items requiring special attention are handled efficiently and without hesitation. The company succeeds beyond our expectations and has laid the foundation for an enduring relationship of trust and reliability. We applaud Mr. Kelly for his dedication and work ethic and ICOM Mechanical Solutions for their services and performance. — Sandra (Customer for 15 years)